How to Troubleshoot a Maytag Bravos Washer

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Bravo washers require less detergent and water for efficient operation.

Maytag Bravos are high-efficiency washers that use less water than typical for top-loading appliances. The manufacturer recommends using only detergents labeled "HE" for high efficiency; other detergents may create too many suds or foaming and cause the machine to operate poorly. When you experience a problem with your Bravos washer, go through a series of troubleshooting steps to try and solve the problem yourself before calling in a professional.


Step 1

Open the lid if the washer severally vibrates during spinning and redistribute the load. The load may be out of balance and throwing the washer out of balance when it spins. This is especially true when washing sport shoes or large heavy items such as blankets or bedspreads.

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Step 2

Adjust the feet on the appliance if it continues to rock or vibrate during spinning. Use a level to verify the machine sits level and flat.


Step 3

Check for a coin, bobby pin or some other metallic object not removed from a clothing pocket if you hear clicking noises coming from the machine. It's important to remove all items from pockets because a small metallic object can get stuck in the drain line, rip a drain hose or damage the pump if it ends up inside the pump.

Step 4

Confirm lid is closed if washer won't spin. Most washers won't spin with the lid open and some won't work at all with the lid open. Closing the lid triggers a mechanism inside the lid rim that tells the washer to continue the cycle.


Step 5

Check that the water supply valves are fully open if the washer doesn't fill with water. If the washer still doesn't fill, check the inlet hose screens where the water hoses attach to the washer. Shut off the water supply valves by turning the handles clockwise, remove the hoses from the washers using pliers and pull on the little tab to remove the screens inside the water inlets. Wash them and replace. Also verify that the water hoses are not crimped, as this could affect the performance of the washer as well. The Maytag Bravos washer uses substantially less water than a regular washer, and the water will not cover the clothes completely if a problem exists in this area.



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