How to Light the Gas Pilot Light on a Gas Dryer

Older gas dryers have a pilot light that stays lit at all times to ignite the dryer's heating element. Dryers made after May 1994 do not have a continuously burning pilot light, according to the Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Dryers made after 1994 have an electronic ignition to light the dryer for use. Access to the pilot light on an older gas dryer is usually through the smaller panel on the front of the dryer.

Avoid clutter around dryers to reduce the risk of fires.

Step 1

Clear any gas that may be in the unit. When the pilot light goes out, gas is still escaping from the pilot light burner. Turn off gas to the dryer from the valve behind the dryer or the main valve for the house.

Step 2

Open the pilot light access panel on the front of the dryer. A screwdriver may be required to open the panel.

Step 3

Locate the valve with a label for "On" and "Off." Turn the valve to the "Off" position and wait five minutes.

Step 4

Turn the gas back on to the dryer. Turn the valve to the "Pilot" position. If there is a lever between the valve and the pilot light, press on the lever.

Step 5

Light the pilot light with a stove lighter. Keep the lever pressed for about a minute.

Step 6

Turn the dial to the "On" position. Monitor the flame. If the flame will not stay lit or is burning too high, contact a qualified repair technician to service the dryer.