How to Remove the Light Cover on a GE Profile Arctica

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It is easy to remove the light cover on your refrigerator.
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The GE Profile Arctica is a side-by-side model with a refrigerator compartment on the right side, a freezer compartment on the left and a water dispenser in the freezer door. As of 2020, this model is no longer being manufactured according to the GE Appliances website, but when it comes to removing a GE refrigerator light bulb cover to replace the bulb, current models are similar and call for similar procedures.


The Profile Arctica has two lights in the refrigerator compartment, one in the freezer compartment and one in the water dispenser, but the one in the water dispenser doesn't have a shield. The procedure for removing the shields from the lights inside the refrigerator may look challenging, but the shields are designed to make it easy.

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Removing the GE Refrigerator Light Bulb Cover in the Freezer

As a safety precaution, GE recommends unplugging the refrigerator before you replace a light bulb. After doing this, open the freezer door and remove all food items from the shelf directly above the light bulb, then remove the shelf.


The light bulb cover has a single screw. Remove it with a Phillips screwdriver, then push on the sides of the cover to release the tabs holding it to the frame and lift it off. It's designed to come off easily, so if you can't get it off, it's because you're pushing in the wrong places. To replace the cover, press the sides to snap it back into place, then replace the screw and tighten it.


Removing the Light Shields in the Refrigerator Compartment

The upper light is at the top of the refrigerator compartment, and like the one in the freezer, the cover has a single screw that you have to remove with a Phillips screwdriver. Don't forget to unplug the refrigerator before you do this. Once the screw it out, grasp the cover with one hand and push on the sides to release the tabs, then slide the cover forward and pull it out.


The lower light is located just above the bottom drawer, and it's covered by a rectangular shield that extends the full width of the drawer. You can remove it without removing the drawer by simply grasping it on both ends and lifting. If it doesn't come off, push lightly on the front to release the tabs and lift again.

Finding Spare Parts and Bulb Replacements

The light bulb shields for a GE profile Arctica aren't exactly fragile, but they can break if you exert too much pressure while trying to remove them. Even though the refrigerator model has been discontinued, you should still be able to find GE Profile Arctica replacement parts at the GE website or from a third-party appliance parts supplier.


Before purchasing a replacement bulb, it's a good idea to remove the shield and unscrew the old bulb to inspect it. It will probably be a standard 40-watt appliance bulb, but it could also be a tubular bulb with a smaller screw base. Purchase a replacement bulb of the same size and with the same or lower wattage. A higher-wattage bulb could generate enough heat to spoil your food.

Some GE Profile refrigerators have LED lighting, but a GE Profile refrigerator LED light replacement isn't simple and usually isn't necessary. If the LEDs don't work, it probably isn't because they're burned out. The repair usually involves checking electronic components in the refrigerator, especially the lighting transformer, and is a job for which you should probably hire a service technician.



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