How to Use a Refrigerator. Most of us take a working refrigerator for granted but would be lost without the convenience it provides. Using a refrigerator correctly makes a small but notable addition to the overall well being of a household and can prolong the life of the appliance as well as your food.

Step 1

Check that the refrigerator is in good working order and the temperature is set to at least 40 degrees, which is the recommended setting for most items. Ensure all shelves and spaces are clean and the door and light are functioning before use.

Step 2

Keep all the contents of the refrigerator in separate drawers or on different shelves. This will help limit the chance of things becoming contaminated and keep the space organized and user friendly.

Step 3

Clear out foods every few days, discarding those with a limited shelf life or things that are past their date. Many items in jars or cans are only safe to use for a few days after opening so throw these out if there is any doubt about when they were opened.

Step 4

Clean your refrigerator on a regular basis (at least every two weeks) paying special attention to the bottom shelves for things that may have dripped or fallen. Clear up spills as soon as they occur to prevent mold and stickiness.

Step 5

Be energy efficient by keeping the door closed as much as possible and not allowing the temperature to rise above the recommended amount. Always close the door firmly and check that the seals around the door are pressed firmly together.