How to Remove Maytag Refrigerator Shelves

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Don't try and pull too hard on a refrigerator shelf.
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It can seem like a straightforward endeavor when giving the refrigerator a thorough cleaning. However, one wrong step, tug or push can put the shelving out of service. Refrigerator shelves have numerous ways of securing to the appliance, from thin tabs to sliders and guides. Removing the shelving carefully and cleaning them with the proper detergents and methods will ensure the refrigerator shelves and drawers slide properly back into their assigned place inside the appliance.


Tips on Removing Refrigerator Shelves

Remove all of the items from the refrigerator so that you have access to the shelf from above and below without hindrance. If you can, consult the owner's manual to find any hidden tabs or clips that can keep the shelf from easily sliding out.

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Remove all of the drawers inside the refrigerator first, then the shelving. Slide out the bins and label them if they aren't clearly marked. Some plastic may have warped over time and will fit best in its original location when it is returned to the refrigerator. Glass pieces can typically be popped out. If they are reluctant, look for a tab around the back or base of the shelving that is keeping it in place.


Dishwasher Dos and Don’ts

It may seem like a good idea, but not all refrigerator shelves and bins can make a trip through the hot and harsh environment of the dishwasher. Make sure to consult the owner's manual or check the side of the plastic bins for warnings before placing them in the dishwasher to clean.


If the plastic and glass shelving and drawers are dishwasher safe, then allow them to sit out on the counter and acclimate to the room temperature before running through the dishwasher. This will ensure they don't crack from the sudden change from the cold refrigerator interior to the hot environment of the dishwasher.

Samsung Refrigerator Deli Drawer Removal

Removing the bins from the glass shelving of a Samsung refrigerator can be tricky. Glass gets slippery when you are working with cleaners and can get sticky if liquids have spilled and gathered on the surface. This can make for difficult handling of the glass shelving, which can be expensive and inconvenient to replace.


Samsung refrigerator deli drawer removal is the same as the crispers on most models. Samsung recommends that the drawer be removed before the shelving by pulling it forward as far as it will go and then gently lifting up. To re-insert the deli drawer, guide the frame rails along the sliders and gently ease it into place. Take your time so as not to bend or break the rails.

Removing Shelving From a Maytag

When you remove the shelving and drawers inside the Maytag refrigerator, be careful of the doors and surrounding parts. Locate the Maytag refrigerator parts diagram in the owner's manual or online. This can help to easily and safely remove these bulky items from the appliance. If you have somehow damaged the shelving or door parts while removing the pieces from the interior area of the appliance, then you may want to replace them.



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