GE Adora Refrigerator Problems

The General Electric Adora refrigerator offers many useful features, such as LED lighting, a water dispenser that pours up to 64 ounces of water in a minute, a fast-cool setting to reduce temperature if the refrigerator gets too warm, and a shelf support system to provide space-efficient storage, among other features. You can purchase an Adora refrigerator online or in many home-retail, appliance and department stores. An Adora refrigerator should function well with standard care and maintenance. However, if problems occur with the unit, users may want to attempt some troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue before calling an appliance technician.

Step 1

Ensure that your Adora refrigerator is completely plugged into a functioning power outlet if it is not working at all. Reset the circuit breaker as necessary. Note that the refrigerator may appear to be turned off while in a defrost cycle. Wait 30 minutes for the defrost cycle to complete, at which point the refrigerator will resume normal operation.

Step 2

Examine the drawers and shelves in the refrigerator if the motor is running excessively and ensure there are no objects or items preventing the door from shutting completely. Turn the temperature control up slightly and leave the door shut as much as possible to allow the unit to adjust the internal temperature accordingly.

Step 3

Verify that the ice maker power switch is set to "I" (On) if no ice is being made. Turn the temperature in the freezer down slightly, as ice may not form if the temperature is too warm. Wait at least 24 hours after initial installation for a full batch of ice to be made. Remove any ice cubes blocking the ice dispenser, using a plastic utensil.

Step 4

Wipe down the interior of the refrigerator or freezer with a mixture of baking soda and water if odors are detected in the unit. If ice cubes begin to smell, discard the current ice cubes and clean the ice bin. Rinse and dry the bin well before replacing it in the freezer. Ensure that food is closed tightly to prevent smells from escaping.

Step 5

Press and hold the "Lock Control" pad if the ice dispenser or water dispenser will not work. Wait for the unit to beep, indicating that the control lock has been released.

Step 6

Press the water dispenser arm and hold for three minutes if the water is sputtering when dispensed. This is common after the water filter has been changed or if there is air in the system.

Step 7

Contact a General Electric service center for assistance if the above methods do not fix the issue.