The Ice Maker on My Frigidaire Refrigerator Is Leaking Water on the Floor

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There are several reasons that your ice maker may be leaking.
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If you have a Frigidaire refrigerator with an ice maker, you may notice the ice maker dripping water from time to time. There are several reasons why this occurs, ranging from simple fixes to ones that are more complex. Once you notice the ice maker leaking, running through a quick checklist determines the problem, so that you can fix it and avoid water damage to your proeprty.


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Ice Maker Leaking From Tubing

Frigidaire refrigerators with ice makers are connected to the main water line via a water supply line that has a shut-off valve. When your Frigidaire is first installed, a company representative connects the ice maker to the supply line by a copper tubing, which is recommended. However, most people who self-install use plastic tubing instead because it is less expensive.


The downside is that this tubing easily breaks, causing a water leakage. Check the connections and the supply line for cracks and other wear and tear for the source of the leak. If this is the problem, replace the plastic tubing with a copper one line.

It's worth noting that Frigidaire notes that plastic tubing increases the possibility that a refrigerator will leak. The company not only cautions against using plastic tubing, but it also notes that it is not liable for any property damage that results from using this product instead of the recommended copper tubing.


Water Supply Connections

No matter the type connection material used, it must be tight and secure so that no water leaks out. Check every place where a pipe connects to the appliance. Make sure the connection is tight and that there are no leaks.


Ensure that the water supply valve is turned on completely. As you check each connection, watch that there are no drips. Tighten them if you catch any possible issue, as this could solve your problem.

Clogged Condensation Drain

Water can appear leaking from the ice maker when it is actually caused by a clogged condensation drain. The automatic defrost system occasionally turns on, melting any frost from the cooling coils. The resulting water falls into a drain sending it to a pan to evaporate.


However, if ice from the ice maker makes it into this drain, it can clog it, and the water accumulates in either the fresh-food compartment or the bottom of the freezer in a side-by-side model. In a side-by-side with an ice maker, the water appears to be coming from the ice maker. Check the drain and clear it if there is a clog.


Ice Maker Leaking From Valve

In Frigidaire models with an ice maker, a valve regulates the amount of water in the ice maker. If this valve malfunctions, a leak can result.

The valve directs the water into cube molds. When obstructed by mineral deposits, the water sprays out of the molds. The water drips down and pools at the bottom of the freezer and onto the floor outside of the unit. Cleaning out the screen located at the end of the valve solves this problem.