How to Troubleshoot the Lock Feature on a GE GSS25IFPDWW Refrigerator

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It is fairly simple to fix the lock feature on your refrigerator.
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General Electric refrigerators are stocked with features, one of which is the lock. If the lock feature is put in place accidentally, then turning it off will solve the problem. If the fridge continues to stay locked, then the control panel may need to be looked at.


It may sound like a big deal but resetting the control board is fairly simple, and there are a few ways that the GE refrigerator control panel can be reset. A GE refrigerator control panel that is not working may just need some troubleshooting to get the hardworking appliance back up and running.

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Refrigerator Lock Feature

If the control board continues to be faulty or not work at all, then it could be that the GE Monogram refrigerator control lock was put in place by accident. The owner's manual will have step-by-step instructions on how to reverse the lock-out feature on the GE appliance. Locate the lock button and hold it in for three seconds. This should remove the control lock feature.


Prep the Fridge to Move

Sometimes button pushing and other simple troubleshooting tips don't solve the problem with the refrigerator's control board. In this case, you'll probably have to do a bit more digging to resolve the issue.

If you plan to unplug the refrigerator, then put some safety measures in place. The plug to the appliance is typically behind the fridge or under the sink. To move the fridge, place a thin piece of cardboard or plastic under the front wheels and scoot it forward a few inches at a time.


When the appliance is pulled out from the wall and unplugged, Refrigerators Reviewed recommends cleaning up the lines and metal grates. These can collect dust and debris and slow down the running of the machine.

GE Refrigerator Control Board Reset

According to GE Appliances, static electricity can temporarily freeze the control board. Turn off the power to the appliance for five seconds and up to 30 seconds to reset the control panel. This can be done either by unplugging the refrigerator at the wall or circuit breaker. Turn the power back on to reset the control.


Check the door wiring harness within the door to ensure that it is communicating with the control board. This can be jiggled out of place by accident or overlooked if the door was recently worked on or removed during installation.


Water Issues, Filters and Lines

The refrigerator requires water to flow through its lines to keep it in good working order. The water shutoff valve needs to be on with a good flow to the appliance. This will keep the ice cubes fresh and thick and the refrigerator cool.


Check the filter that is usually located inside the refrigerator. If it is clogged or old, then it may need to be replaced. The GE user's manual will have the part number and location of the water filter. Make sure that the new filter is properly placed in its housing or it can cause problems with the control board.

Lines can get frozen, clogged with hard water deposits or littered with bits of bacteria. Flush the lines about once a year to keep them free and clear. A vinegar flush will kill off any bacteria that attempt to make a home in the thin water lines that run behind the refrigerator.



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