How to Troubleshoot the Blinking Light on a GE Ice Maker

A GE ice maker has a green light indicating that the ice maker is turned on and operating. If there is a problem with the ice maker, the indicator light will blink on and off. When the ice maker's indicator light is blinking, your machine is not making any new ice cubes. Straightforward troubleshooting can return your GE ice maker proper functionality.

Step 1

Turn off the power to the ice maker. The power button or switch is located on the ice maker; the blinking indicator light will go out.

Step 2

Clear the ice maker of stuck or hung ice cubes. According to the GE owner's manual, the flashing light indicates ice cubes have not properly ejected from the ice maker and are stuck.

Step 3

Turn the ice maker power on. Once the stuck ice cubes are cleared from the ice maker, the light should not blink.

Tim Plaehn

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