How to Troubleshoot the Blinking Light on a GE Ice Maker

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A blinking light on your ice maker lets you know that there might be a problem.
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The blinking light on the ice maker or fridge panel is a nuisance but also a steady indicator that attention is required. A GE ice maker light that is blinking is a sign that something isn't quite right with the machine. When the machine isn't dropping ice cubes at all or the ice is thin or misshapen, a quick diagnostic can more than likely solve the issue.


Safety Precautions First

If you have to work on the ice maker with tools, then the heavy appliance should be unplugged and out of commission to avoid electric shock. Turn it off at the breaker or unplug it from behind the refrigerator or under the sink.

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If you have to unplug the refrigerator to reset the wonky ice maker, then it may need to be moved away from the wall to access the plug. Place a thin sheet of cardboard or plastic just under the front feet or wheels. Shimmy the refrigerator onto the sheeting and inch it forward to safely pull it from its nook in the kitchen.


GE Appliances warns that the ice maker can become very hot while it is harvesting, or making ice cubes. Use caution when working or touching the body of the little machine. Have towels at the ready to clean up any puddles of fallen ice to reduce the risk of slipping and falling.

GE Profile Ice Maker Troubleshooting

There are many simple reasons an ice maker flashes its lights in distress. Water to the machine can be restricted by a clogged water filter. Change it out and make sure that a fresh one is correctly installed.


The ice maker switch may have been inadvertently turned off, which is why the GE Profile ice maker light is not coming on. Repair Clinic recommends that you locate the ice maker switch and make sure that it is turned on before breaking out the multimeter. If the ice maker is turned on and still not producing ice or showing any lights, then you may need to check that the switch has continuity by using a multimeter.


Check the door switch that turns the ice and water dispenser off when the doors are pulled open. Use a multimeter to check that the door switch has continuity. If all else fails, unplug the appliance to reset the ice maker. Allow it to sit for 30 seconds before plugging it back in and allow the refrigerator to run through a complete cycle.

KitchenAid Ice Maker Troubleshooting

A KitchenAid ice maker with a blinking red light could be due to a few things. Most of the common issues with the ice maker are relatively easy to fix.


The ejector arm in the KitchenAid ice maker can get stuck in the off position accidentally or by frozen ice that has built up around the part. Remove any jammed ice from around the ejector arm with a narrow plastic utensil. Metal can damage the ejector arm or surrounding ice maker parts.

The water supply line can become clogged or restricted. Check that the water shutoff valve is open and there is a steady flow to the water lines. Inspect the lines for frozen water or hard water deposit buildup and flush them if necessary.



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