At What Temperature Should a Kenmore Refrigerator Be Set?

Storing your food at a safe temperature in your Kenmore refrigerator will reduce spoilage and increase the life of fresh fruits and vegetables. Modern Kenmore refrigerators let you select a temperature for both the refrigerator and freezer compartments via a digital control panel, removing the guess work associated with dial-controlled refrigerators.

The Ideal Temperature

Your Kenmore refrigerator compartment should be set to 37 Fahrenheit or 3 Celsius to ensure your perishable food is kept fresh for the maximum possible time. The refrigerator is set to 37 F when it leaves the factory; once plugged in, the motor takes about 24 hours to reach the set temperature. The freezer should be at 0 Fahrenheit or -18 C.

Adjusting the Temperature

Select whether you would like the LCD display to show temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius by holding the "Fridge Temp" and "Freezer Temp" buttons together for a few seconds. Tap the "Fridge Temp" button to cycle through the available range of temperatures, stopping when 37 F or 3 C appears. Allow 24 hours for changes to take effect.

Obstacles to the Ideal Temperature

Keep the number of times you open the door to a minimum to ensure the ideal temperature is maintained as often as possible. Avoid storing hot or warm food in the refrigerator; always let containers cool to room temperature before storage. Bulky containers in the door shelf may hold the doors ajar and raise the internal temperature. Make sure the doors shut completely.

Normal Temperature Fluctuations

The temperature inside the refrigerator may rise slightly during routine defrost cycles or periods of high humidity. Defrost cycles are essential for keeping the appliance running efficiently and reducing natural ice build-up on the condenser coils. You may hear a sizzling or hissing sound when the refrigerator is defrosting. Moisture sometimes appears on food packaging and the walls of the refrigerator when the humidity is high. The temperature returns to normal in these situations without the need for corrective measures.

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