Instructions for the Magic Chef Mini Fridge

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Make sure that you properly level your mini fridge.
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Whether you've got a 2.6- or 4.4-cubic-foot Magic Chef mini refrigerator, the instructions are the same for getting it up and running and bringing on the chill. If you're looking to set up your Magic Chef mini fridge, it's not quite plug-and-play, but if you've got a space clear for it, you'll be good to go in just five minutes.


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Installation Requirements

The fridge needs surrounding space for air circulation. It cannot be encased, and there'll need to be a three-prong grounded plug within reach. The fridge must be level so the coolant isn't off-kilter and the door seals properly. The fridge's adjustable feet will help you level it. Also, the floor beneath it needs to be strong enough to hold not just the shipping weight of your fridge, but all its contents too.


The Magic Chef mini fridge is not meant to be used outside or in unfinished basements and garages. The temperatures in these areas may fall outside of the ambient temperature that the Magic Chef mini fridge needs for optimal operation. The Magic Chef mini fridge temperature range for ideal operation is between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and temperatures outside this range will impact the fridge's ability to maintain a food-safe temperature, according to The Magic Chef mini fridge user manual.


Magic Chef Mini Fridge Set Up

First, remove all packaging on the outside and inside of the fridge. Let it stand upright for four hours before you plug it in to ensure the coolant distributes correctly and prevents malfunctioning when you start it.

The makers of Magic Chef mini fridges recommend leaving 5 inches at the back and sides of the fridge so air flow is plentiful. Plug the fridge into a dedicated three-prong, grounded wall outlet.


Magic Chef Mini Fridge Temperature

The fridge has one temperature control and it's numbered "1" to "5," with "5" being coldest. This controls the freezer temperature too. The recommended temperature setting is "3" but if you'd like to make ice, you'll have to turn it to "5" and preferably turn back to "3" when the ice is done.


To change the temperature when you're not making ice, adjust it by one increment at a time and allow a few hours for the temperature to stabilize. The "0" setting is for turning off the cooling supply, but it does not turn off the power supply.

Once you first plug it in, it'll take minimum of two hours to reach a food-safe temperature for adding perishables to the fridge, but it can take as long as 24 hours to reach the full temperature.


Other Magic Chef Mini Fridge Instructions

If you unplug the fridge at all, a delay kicks in and you need to wait five minutes before you can plug the fridge back in, or it won't start.

The freezer is really a chiller, and it won't necessarily be cold enough to freeze foods. It tends to keep already-frozen foods frozen, though, but put the food in as soon as you can after purchasing it. Otherwise, plan to consume it shortly.


This fridge has a manual defrost thermostat. Push the red button by the temperature dial when you'd like to defrost the chiller (ideally after ice hits ΒΌ inch). Leave the temperature dial at its normal setting. It'll take a few hours to defrost, but when the red button pops out, it's done, and the temperature will return to its normal settings.

Finally, condensation is normal, especially after defrosting, and you may find moisture collecting in the drip tray. Simply empty and dry it when you notice it needs doing.


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