How to Change the Temperature on a Frigidaire Refrigerator

Some tasks around the house -- such as lighting the pilot on a gas fireplace -- sound easy but can be troublesome. Some tasks, however, are really as simple as they sound, and adjusting the temperature in your Frigidaire refrigerator is one of these easy tasks. Depending on the model, it may have a slider, dial or electronic control; for nonelectronic control models, all you really need to remember is that "colder" is synonymous with a higher setting.

Turn It Up to Turn It Down

Turning the dial to the right or adjusting the slider to a higher setting tells the refrigerator compressor to cycle on more frequently and use more electricity. In effect, you're turning the control up, but because it's a refrigerator, the effect is to lower the temperature. The more often the compressor cycles on, the more the refrigerant circulates, and the more heat it absorbs from the freezer compartment by evaporating, the colder it gets in the freezer and refrigerator compartments.

Adjusting the Controls

  • Dial control: If your Frigidaire refrigerator has a dial control, turn the dial to the right, toward the side marked "colder," to lower the temperature. Typically, you'll find the dial control in older freezer-on-top models.
  • Slider control: If you have a newer freezer-on-top model, it may have a slider control. Push the slider up to lower the temperature. The top of the scale is usually marked "coldest." On the freezer control, the coldest setting is also labeled "garage," because the manufacturer recommends setting the freezer to the coldest setting if you keep the unit in a garage where the temperature is below 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Electronic control: Newer side-by-side, French door and single-compartment models usually have an electronic control, and the rationale for setting this is not so counterintuitive. Push the "up" button next to the LED displaying the freezer temperature to raise the temperature in the freezer, and push the "down" button to lower it. Follow the same procedure to raise or lower the temperature in the refrigerator.

Normal Settings

New Frigidaire refrigerators are shipped with the controls preset. The factory setting, which is midway on the dial or slider, is usually marked "recommended." The temperature in the freezer at this setting is 0 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 18 degrees Celsius), and the temperature in the refrigerator is 37 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius). If the unit has an electronic control, the LED displays these temperatures at the factory settings.

Chris Deziel

Chris Deziel

Chris Deziel has a bachelor's degree in physics and a master's degree in humanities. Besides having an abiding interest in popular science, Deziel has been active in the building and home design trades since 1975. As a landscape builder, he helped establish two gardening companies.