How to Remove a Refrigerator Door

There are a number of reasons to remove a refrigerator door. You may need to take off the door to get the refrigerator through a doorway when moving or maybe to realign a lopsided door that doesn't close properly. Whatever the reason, it's easy to remove a refrigerator door with a few basic tools.

Remove a Refrigerator Door

Step 1

Find the hinge plate which is usually located on the top corner above the hinge. You'll see 3 or 4 screws which need to be removed. Sometimes the hinge is covered with a cap. If it is, use the putty knife to help you pop the cap off. With the door shut, remove the screws (depending on the screws, you may need a ratcheting wrench, a screwdriver or a nut driver) and put them in a safe place.

Step 2

There will probably be a hinge pin that needs to be removed. You can just pull it out unless it's stuck. If it is, use the putty knife to help you move the hinge up enough so you can grab it and pull it up and out.

Step 3

Use the technique in Step 2 to remove the other hinges. You'll have 3 or 4 hinges to remove, depending on the door configuration on your refrigerator. If you have a refrigerator with top-and-bottom doors, remove the top door first. If you have side-by-side doors, you'll want to remove the door hinge pin as well as the screws.

Step 4

Once the screws and hinge pins are removed, grasp the door on each side and gently lift it up and out to remove it. If it's the freezer and you have frozen food inside, cover the opening by taping a plastic sheet over it to save your food.

Step 5

Remove the bottom door (or the door on the opposite side, for side-by-side refrigerators.) Just as with the top door or the door on the other side, grasp the door firmly on each side and pull up and out to remove.

Kate Aldrich

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