How to Remove a Drain Pan for a Frigidaire Refrigerator

Frigidaire brand refrigerators come with a variety of features, including ice and water filtration and dispensing, adjustable shelves, an Energy Star rating, various finishes, styles and sizes, LED display, child lock and adjustable temperature controls for the drawers. Regardless of the refrigerator's features, however, all Frigidaire units include a drain pan to catch water from the defrost cycle and moisture from the condensation coils. Removing the drain pan from the refrigerator is fairly simple.

Step 1

Lift up on either side of the toe grille, located on the front bottom of the refrigerator.

Step 2

Pull the grille forward to remove.

Step 3

Slide out the drain pan from inside the refrigerator by pulling it up and out.

Step 4

Clean the drain pan with soapy water and rinse well. Dry and return to the refrigerator.