How do I Troubleshoot Samsung Refrigerator Display Panel That Doesn't Work?

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If the code "PC-ER" appears on the display panel or if you cannot resolve the issue, the refrigerator needs to be repaired. Contact a Samsung service technician.

The display panel feature on some Samsung refrigerators allows you to control the internal temperature, as well as the settings on your water and ice dispenser, at the touch of a button. If the panel stops working, try running through a list of common problems before you pay for costly repairs or contemplate replacing the refrigerator entirely.

Step 1

Exit the display panel's demo mode if "OF" is displayed on the panel. Press the Energy Saver and Power Freezer buttons simultaneously, and hold them down for three seconds to exit demo mode. If your panel does not have these buttons, press the Photo Slide and Lighting buttons instead.

Step 2

Unplug the refrigerator for 10 seconds. Plug it back in if the display panel is flashing or displays the message "88 88". This will reset the processor and should fix the problem.

Step 3

Press the "Ice Hold" button down for three seconds to turn off the child-lock. The buttons on the display panel will not function while the child-lock is on.

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