Cause of a Beeping Noise in a Frigidaire Refrigerator

A leading manufacturer of home appliances, Frigidaire designs, engineers and assembles its products in the United States. One of the company's innovative ideas, an alarm system for its refrigerators and freezers, beeps when there are specific problems with the refrigerator. These include:

  • ice maker problems
  • a high temperature in the freezer or refrigerator
  • or an issue with the door.

Frigidaire also produces refrigerators for Sears' Kenmore brand. These models have numbers that begin with 119, 253, 417, 587, 628, 719, 790, 791, 917 and 970 followed by a period or space such as model number 253.7034, the Kenmore French Door refrigerator. The same alarms are used on the Kenmore models made by Frigidaire.

Silent Alarm

The refrigerator also has a silent alarm that appears on units equipped with a user touch control panel and digital display.

The power fail alert indicator light turns on when a power failure or outage occurs. You must press the Alarm Reset on the touch controls to acknowledge the issue so the refrigerator resumes regular operation. If the power outage lasted long enough for the temperatures inside the refrigerator to increase, the High Temp indicator light will stay on until the temperature inside the unit drops back to safe levels.

Audible Alarms

Frigidaire refrigerators feature a series of alarms -- high-pitched beeps -- that sound when its internal sensors detect a problem. The alarm is deliberately annoying so that it gets your attention.

Door Ajar

The most common alarm you will hear is the one that indicates the door is ajar. With a houseful of kids, expect this alarm to go off a lot, especially when children peruse the refrigerator's contents with the door open for five minutes or more. To reset the alarm, press the Alarm-Reset element on the touch screen. When the door is accidentally left open, the temperatures can increase inside the refrigerator, which may set off another alarm.

Fresh Food Temp Alarm

When the temperature inside the fresh food region of the refrigerator reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the alarm sounds and the high temperature icon or the temperature itself flashes on the display screen. After resetting the alarm, the temperature light remains on until it drops below 55 F.

Freezer Alarm

When the internal thermometer inside the freezer registers temperatures above 26 degrees F, the alarm comes on and the freezer temperature flashes on the display screen. The temperature continues to stay lit until it drops after resetting the alarm.

Ice Maker

When an ice cube jams the flapper door open that leads from the ice maker to the dispenser, an alarm sounds for two minutes. This alarm automatically resets after two minutes have passed or when the blocked ice cube is removed.

Sabbath Mode

Some Frigidaire models come equipped with a Sabbath mode that you can engage when observing this day. When turned on, several of the refrigerator's controls are disabled. Even with this mode engaged during the Sabbath, the high temperature alerts can still come on.

When the refrigerator is in Sabbath mode, the alarm turns itself off after two minutes of beeping, but the high temperature icon stays red until you exit this mode and reset the alarm, even though the refrigerator continues normal operation. To enter or exit Sabbath mode, you must press the "∨" and "+" simultaneously for five seconds.

Laurie Brenner

Laurie Brenner

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