How to Adjust the Rear Wheels on a Whirlpool Refrigerator

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Adjusting the rear wheels on your refrigerator can prevent it from tipping over.
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The refrigerator gets a serious workout from morning to night, and sometimes well beyond the witching hour. This constant shoving and pulling against its swinging doors, pushing its drawers and opening its freezer to inspect the contents can kick it off its steady foundation.


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A hulking refrigerator that wobbles or rolls from its nook in the kitchen or workspace can become a serious problem. It may tip forward or have issues with creating ice or dispensing fresh water. Solving the wobbling refrigerator problem is fairly easy by adjusting the wheels beneath the appliance.



A fridge that tips forward can be a safety issue. Adjusting the wheels can solve this in a few minutes.

Precautions Before Adjusting Refrigerator Wheels

If the Whirlpool refrigerator rolls forward when opening its doors, then it could be that the wheels need an adjustment. Newly installed appliances or refrigerators that get a lot of daily action in a busy kitchen may need the refrigerator wheels to be adjusted. If the unleveled refrigerator is left unattended to, then it could create a problem with the appliance's overall performance.


Level Refrigerators Work Better

A surprise to many who tackle this appliance problem is the fact that the refrigerator is not built to be perfectly level. Put away the levelers and tape measures. Most manufacturers recommend that the front of the fridge should be tilted 1/4-inch higher than the back to allow the doors to swing shut naturally if left unattended, according to GE Appliances.


When not properly leveled, the refrigerator will work overtime to maintain its ideal temperature that keeps perishable food safe to eat. There is a coolant that needs to run through the loop within the interior of the refrigerator. This keeps the natural warmth that enters the interior of the appliance from building. When a refrigerator is tilted, beyond what the manufacturer recommends, to the front, back right or left, the coolant can pool and make the pump work harder, according to CNET.


If you have a bump in the back on the floor or a rise in the flooring on the front, then those issues need to be addressed. Adjust the wheels accordingly so that the refrigerator is not tilted forward or to the left or right. This is also why a refrigerator should not be placed on its back or side for a long period of time during transport from one place to another.


Whirlpool Refrigerator Leveling Instructions

One of the first few signs that a refrigerator is in need of a wheel adjustment include:

  • A fluctuation in the appliance's temperature that affects fresh foods.
  • Doors that refuse to stay closed.
  • Frost buildup in the freezer or refrigerator compartment.
  • Beads of water on the surface of the interior of the refrigerator.


The Whirlpool refrigerator leveling instructions suggest that you use a set of refrigerator shims to find a good position for refrigerators placed on an uneven floor.

Adjust a Fridge Level

Remove the grill from the bottom of the refrigerator, if applicable. Look for clips alongside each connection to the main body of the fridge. Legs are located on either side of the bottom of the fridge. Use your fingers to adjust the threaded leveling legs. If it's difficult, then have someone tip the fridge back slightly and use a crescent wrench. Rotate the threaded leg clockwise to raise the front and counterclockwise to lower it in the front.