How to Clean a Magic Chef Ice Maker

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Portable ice makers are great to make ice no matter where you are.
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Portable ice makers are a useful household appliance. Not only do they work great for everyday use, but they are also an excellent appliance for events in the home. In addition to being reliable and portable, Magic Chef ice maker cleaning is easier than cleaning your dishes after preparing a large meal in the kitchen. All you have to do is correctly follow the Magic Chef portable ice maker instructions.


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Magic Chef Portable Ice Maker

According to MCA Corporation, although the Magic Chef portable ice maker produces a large amount of ice, the actual ice maker is compact and small. This means that it can fit on any kitchen countertop or outside when you're barbecuing in the summer. MCA Corporation, the manufacturer of Magic Chef products, offers a variety of portable ice maker machines. In addition to different color options, the ice makers can produce 27, 30 or 40 pounds of ice. Whether you're hosting a big party or your refrigerator doesn't produce ice, this appliance guarantees easy production of ice and an even more straightforward Magic Chef ice maker cleaning process.


Magic Chef Ice Maker Cleaning

According to the Magic Chef portable ice maker instructions, to clean the ice maker, you need to remove the basket first. When you remove the basket, you have to turn the drain cap counterclockwise so that you can drain out the water. Then clean the inside of the ice maker with diluted detergent, warm water and a soft cloth.

After you thoroughly clean the inside of the ice maker, dry the interior with a soft cloth. When you're finished, close the drain cap. Although you should close the drain cap after Magic Chef ice maker cleaning, when you're not using the ice maker, you can keep the water drain cap open. Keeping the water drain cap open helps to drain water from the water reservoir.


Thoroughly drying the interior of the ice maker and draining the drain cap regularly ensures that you don't get ice maker mold. In addition to keeping the inside of the ice maker clean, you should periodically clean the outside of the ice maker with mild detergent solution and water as well.

Magic Chef Maintenance

According to the Magic Chef portable ice maker instructions, keeping your ice maker clean will ensure its longevity. It would help if you also made sure that there is adequate ventilation space around the ice maker so that the ice maker maintains proper performance, distribution of heat and also has low power consumption. That's why you must keep items at least 5 inches away from the rear and sides of the unit. Also, keep items 8 inches from the top of the ice maker as well.


Although the ice maker is a sturdy piece of equipment, you need to keep it away from water and moisture. If it sits in water or is in a high moisture environment, the metal parts will become rusted. Also, you should keep the ice maker away from heat sources or direct sunlight.



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