How to Tell How Old a GE Refrigerator Is

You can't always determine the age of a used refrigerator, but if it's is a General Electric product, the procedure for doing so is extremely easy. As long as the refrigerator in question was built after 1947, you'll be able to identify the year and, in most cases, the month it was built .


Find the sticker containing the serial number and model number. Not all refrigerators have their sticker in the same place; some may be visible on the door or a back shelf. If you're still unable to find it, consult the owners manual. Copy down the serial number (not the model number).

Access the GE decoder key for its refrigerator models. This key, available on the GE website and included as Reference 1 below, provides the month and year of manufacture of the refrigerator based on the first two letters in the serial number.

Compare the first letter with the decoder guide. For example, if the first letter is a "T," the refrigerator was made in October.

Note the second of the two letters in the serial number and compare it to the decoder guide. For example, if the second letter is a "G," the fridge was made in 2004. Therefore, if your first two letters are "T" and "G," the refrigerator was made in October, 2004.

Consult the Canadian guide to decipher the code if the fridge is from Canada. The same rules apply for Canadian appliances, but the codes are different.