How to Remove the Film From a GE Refrigerator

GE stainless steel refrigerators are delivered with a plastic film covering them to protect the refrigerator from scratches during transport. Remove this film before use so that it won't interfere with the seal of the doors and prevent the refrigerator from cooling properly. Removing the film is a simple process, as long as you take your time so that the film doesn't tear.


Peel the film cover off of your new GE stainless steel refrigerator. Pull slowly on the film so that it comes off in a solid piece, which is easier than trying to pull off bits and pieces if it tears.

Pull gently around corners where the film goes into cracks between doors. This is where it is easy to tear the film. If it's torn here, you will end up with small pieces of film stuck in cracks that are hard to get hold of. If you see that the film is going to tear, use a razor blade to score the top of the film along the crack as far into the crack as you can reach. Scoring the film will allow it to tear evenly so that you're not left with a ragged edge of film protruding from the crack.

Clean the residue left on the refrigerator after the film is removed. Apply a citrus-based cleaner with a lint-free cloth. If that doesn't work, wipe the cleaner off with a damp rag and try again with ammonia.