How to Put a Frigidaire Refrigerator in Demo Mode

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Putting a refrigerator into demo mode is great for saving energy when it is empty.
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There's a feature on some refrigerators that you may not know about. It can save you money when put in action. The demo mode on a refrigerator can be used to power down the appliance when it's empty for long periods, such as a lengthy vacation.


Powering down the fridge keeps it active, but the motor and cooling systems are inactive. The fans and pumps don't run, saving energy and subsequently money on the power bill. Placing a Frigidaire or Samsung refrigerator into demo mode is a fairly easy process that's also quickly reversed if it has been placed in this inactive mode by accident.

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Benefits of Refrigerator Demo Mode

Originally, the demo mode was made for sales. The purpose of the demo mode is to show how the appliance works on the showroom floor without running constantly and therefore wasting electricity. Potential buyers can prop open the doors for lengthy periods to check out all the amenities of the fridge, its chimes, icons, lighting and shelving, while not wasting electricity. This also keeps the appliance from working overtime to keep it at the proper temperature.


When a refrigerator is put into demo mode, it affects the cooling of the interior. The refrigerator won't cool down, but the lights will come on when the doors are open and the dispenser display will continue to show all its proper icons.

The refrigerator demo mode can also be a benefit when put in place by the owner once the appliance makes its way to its place in the home. Samsung suggests putting its refrigerator models in demo mode if you're planning on taking a trip and have emptied the contents of the fridge. This will stop the machine from creating ice and keeping the freezer at its proper temperature, saving you from a higher electric bill.


Frigidaire Refrigerator Demo Mode

To put a Frigidaire refrigerator in demo mode, hold the Energy Saver and Adjust Freezer buttons at the same time. Press them for three seconds until you hear a beep. The display should read OF OF.

Next, press the Ice Off and Adjust Freezer buttons at the same time until the beep is heard. This will shut down the cooling of the Frigidaire appliance.


To exit the demo mode, press and hold the Ice Off and Adjust Freezer buttons at the same time for three seconds. The OF OF should disappear from the display.

Samsung Refrigerator Demo Mode

Have a Samsung model instead? Find the top two buttons on the left side of the display and hold them at the same time until a chime is heard. The buttons are more than likely to be labeled differently for each Samsung model. However, the actual placement is the same on every Samsung display for turning the demo mode on, according to Samsung.


A Samsung refrigerator FF code or O FF on the display means that you have completed the demo mode successfully. The refrigerator will begin cooling down. To turn the Samsung demo mode off on the appliance, reverse the steps.



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