How to Adjust Refrigerator Wheels

Most refrigerators have wheels on the bottom that can be moved up and down to stabilize the appliance. The adjustment wheels also allow the unit to be leveled so its door opens and closes with less effort; refrigerator doors should close by themselves when opened halfway. Some refrigerator models have adjustable wheels under each corner; less-expensive models only have adjustable wheels or legs under the front corners. Adjustable wheels eliminate the need for shims when the refrigerator sits on uneven floors.

The door on a properly adjusted refrigerator closes automatically.

Step 1

Pull the grill, located below the refrigerator's door, off the refrigerator. The grill on most models snaps into place. If the refrigerator uses retaining springs to hold the grill in place, then do not disconnect the springs. Instead, hold the grill against the floor while adjusting the wheels.

Step 2

Place a bubble level on the top back edge of the refrigerator. If the refrigerator sits in a tight cabinet space, then open the refrigerator and place the bubble level across the back edge of one of the shelves.

Step 3

Turn the rear wheel adjustment screws, if equipped, until the back edge rests level. Use the bubble level as a guide. Turning the screws clockwise raises the refrigerator, counter-clockwise lowers the refrigerator.

Step 4

Move the bubble level to the refrigerator's top front edge -- the edge above the door.

Step 5

Turn the front wheel adjustment screws or adjustment legs until the refrigerator rests level across the front edge. When complete, the refrigerator should not rock.

Step 6

Hold the bubble level on the refrigerator's door, check for plumb and make further adjustments as necessary. If the top of the refrigerator leans toward the door, then raise the front wheels or legs. If the top of the refrigerator's door leans toward the back wall, then lower the front wheels or legs. When adjusting for plumb, turn each front adjustment screw or leg equally.

Step 7

Double-check the refrigerator for level and plumb. Adjust as necessary. Replace the front grill.

Robert Sylvus

Based out of Central Florida, Robert Sylvus has been writing how-to and outdoor sports articles for various online publications since 2008. Sylvus has been a home improvement contractor since 1992. He is a certified HVAC universal technician.