How to Reset a Frigidaire Oven

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It is easy to reset your oven.
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All ovens are made with a manufacturer setting when it comes to temperature calibration, and your Frigidaire oven is no different. Perhaps you have changed the calibration of your oven in the past, or maybe previous occupant did so, and you'd like to restore the factory settings. Fortunately, it is fairly straightforward to process to reset your oven temperature or, if you've received a F10 error code, complete a Frigidaire F10 fix.


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Why Recalibrate Your Oven?

You may have inadvertently changed the internal temperature settings on your oven at some point. It's possible, if you are new to your house or apartment, that the previous tenant instead did this. Or maybe you are experimenting with a new style of cooking or baking and would like to alter how long something takes in the oven.

Whatever the reason, know that resetting the temperature controls for your Frigidaire oven is a simple process. But consult your user manual to make sure that your appliance follows a similar process to most Frigidaire models.


If you have questions about how to reset your oven to factory settings, or about how to raise or lower the internal temperature of the oven, you should contact Frigidaire. Their appliance technicians can offer you guidance that might save your next recipe from being under-cooked or completely overdone.

Lower Internal Temperatures

If you'd like to change your Frigidaire oven so that the base temperature is lower, because perhaps you've been feeling like your food is coming out too dry or overcooked, you can do so by pressing the "BAKE" button for a total of 6 seconds. Once this time has elapsed, a 0 should appear on the display.


Now, you'll need to enter the temperature you would like to reset the oven by – for example, enter 25 if you'd like to raise the base temperature 25 degrees. Then, use the "SELF CLEAN" button to let the oven know you are choosing a cooler temperature setting. Note that this will not activate the self-clean cycle. Instead, the button is also used for resetting a lower temperature. When you've finished, press "START."

Test out the temperature reset the next time you cook or bake. Does the recipe take longer to bake than it did before you made the change? If it does, you know that your temperature changes were successful.


Higher Internal Temperatures

If you would prefer your Frigidaire oven to have a higher base temperature than what it currently does, you will need to once again press "BAKE" for 6 seconds. When the 0 appears, enter the number of degrees you'd like to change the base temperature by. It is advised to do this gradually and test your changes the next time you cook, because small increases in temperature might cause your food to overcook or even burn.

Once you've entered the number of desired degrees to increase, hit "START." Your changes should be programmed and your internal oven temperature reset. Test out the changes the next time you prepare a favorite recipe to be sure that the reset is to your liking, and that the oven's base temperature is not too hot.