Instructions for DeLonghi Heater

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DeLonghi manufactures several models of portable electric heaters to help heat rooms in your home. The portable heaters don't just help save on heating costs but also electricity, as they have an automatic shutoff that is enabled when the room reaches the desired temperature. DeLonghi heaters are easy to set up and are ready to operate out of the box.

Assembly and Setup

Your DeLonghi portable electric heater comes in three pieces: the main heating unit and two feet. The feet keep the heater from tipping over and causing damage to your home. To install the feet, place the anchor pins on the first foot and insert it into the slots on the bottom left corner of the heater. Turn the foot outward until it clicks in place. Attach the screw in the middle of the foot to secure the foot in place. Repeat the same steps for the second foot on the bottom right corner of the heater. Place the heater near a power outlet in a room. You can minimize the effects of a drafty window by placing the heater below the window, if you desire. Keep flammable materials such as furniture or cloth away from the heater. Plug the power cord into the outlet when ready for use.


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Using the Heater

DeLonghi heaters use two heating elements to warm a room. You can use one or both heating elements at any time, depending on how warm you want the room. To start the heater, turn the thermostat to "6" and press one or both of the pilot light switches. When the pilot lights turn on, adjust the thermostat knob to the desired level. The heater will turn on and off depending on the temperature of the room and the thermostat setting. When the room temperature reaches the thermostat setting, the heating elements will turn off automatically. If the room temperature drops below the thermostat setting, the heater will turn on again. To turn off the heater, turn the thermostat knob to "0."



DeLonghi heaters should be cleaned when needed. To clean the heater, turn off the heater and unplug the power cord. Allow the heater to cool off for several minutes. Once it is cool, wipe off the heater with a damp cloth. Dry off the heater with a dry cloth when you are finished cleaning it. Do not use cleaning supplies or abrasive cloths on the heater, as it may cause damage.



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