I Can't Install My Frigidaire Oven Rack

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Make sure the oven is cool before handling your oven rack.
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If you don't install your Frigidaire oven racks correctly, you'll not only have an uneven surface for cooking your food, but your oven door may not close properly.

Whether you're installing racks inside a new Frigidaire oven for the first time or you're simply re-positioning the racks for different cooking applications, you'll have to follow the same steps to remove and replace them. Most Frigidaire oven racks are installed similarly, with a slight change in installation procedures for the Effortless rack system.

Handling Frigidaire Oven Racks

Before removing or replacing Frigidaire oven racks, make sure that the oven is cool and that you've removed all cookware from the appliance. If you have to move a rack while the oven is still hot, then use a potholder or oven mitt when handling the rack. But be careful not to let the mitt or potholder touch the hot oven element, otherwise you may spark a fire.

New Frigidaire Oven Racks

If you're installing brand-new Frigidaire oven racks, inspect them to make sure they're not bent or damaged in any way. If they are, they may not easily slide into your oven, and they could get stuck on the side wall guides. If you need replacement racks or other Frigidaire oven parts, be sure to buy from an authorized Frigidaire service center. Otherwise, you could possibly void your warranty if non-approved parts damage the interior of your oven.

The serial plate that displays the serial number on Frigidaire stoves also contains the appliance's model number, which you need to locate the right replacement parts. You can also reference the model number on your use-and-care manual.

Types of Frigidaire Oven Racks

Frigidaire ovens are equipped with five different kinds of racks: flat, flat hand, offset, half and bottom. A flat oven rack is the standard used for most cooking needs and can be placed on most rack positions. A flat handle oven rack is similar to the flat oven rack, but has built-in handle in the center. An offset oven rack offers step-down positions not available on the flat rack designs, while a half oven rack has a removable shelf that accommodates taller cookware or food. And a bottom oven rack is only designed to be placed in the lowest oven rack position.

Installing Most Frigidaire Oven Racks

Frigidaire ovens have rack guides along the interior side walls, where the racks are placed. Each rack guide is curved near the front to catch and stop a rack when you pull it from the oven. To remove an oven rack, simply tilt the front of the rack upward to move it past the stop position. But make sure the oven is cool oven and there is no cookware on the rack.

To replace a rack, position it with the curved part in the back and place it between corresponding left and right rack guides, making sure the rack is level. Tilt the front of the rack upward to guide the curved part past the stop position, then slide the rack all the way in along the guides.

Installing Effortless Frigidaire Oven Racks

Frigidaire's Effortless oven rack system partially extends the rack outside the oven glides when the oven door is open. In addition to the Effortless flat oven rack, you'll also need the two chrome connector arms that are supplied with this rack system.

Place the Effortless rack in guide positions 2, 3 or 4, according to the diagram in your use-and-care manual. Position the rack so that the rack connector brackets are at the back of the oven, pointing toward the oven bottom.

Working with one connector arm at a time, match the end of an arm to the hole in the door connector bracket and the other end in the hole in the rack connector bracket. You may need to slide the oven rack in or out to match the connector arm's length. While you're holding the connector arm, twist it so that the ends point upward to lock the arm into position.

When both connector arms are locked into position, make sure that the oven rack moves in and out of the oven, as you close and open the oven door.


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