How to Calibrate a Maytag Gemini Oven

Maytag Gemini ranges include both an oven and stove in one appliance. The control panel on the top of the stove controls the oven temperature. Occasionally, the oven temperature will need recalibration. An uncalibrated oven will create unpredictable cook times, and when baking items such as cookies, brownies, cakes or bread, could result in the ruined baked goods. For best results, check and calibrate your Maytag Gemini oven on a regular basis.

Step 1

Turn on the oven to 350 degrees. Allow the oven to preheat and then place an oven thermometer in the oven to determine the actual oven temperature, and how much calibration is needed.

Step 2

Press the "Settings" button on the range control panel 11 times until the panel displays "TEMP CALIB."

Step 3

Press "Start" to calibrate the upper oven or press "+" to calibrate the lower oven.

Step 4

Press the "Temp/Time" increase and decrease buttons to adjust the oven temperature, in increments of 5 degrees.

Step 5

Press the "Start" button to save your settings.

Andrew Todd

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