How to Change the Battery in a Kenmore Upright Freezer

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A freezer holds all those deals on meats and extras that you plan to eat or imbibe at some anticipated future date. Keeping the contents of the freezer at the proper temperature ensures that you can safely consume the contents at your leisure.


A backup battery can make certain that the freezer maintains the proper temperature month in and month out. The Kenmore Elite chest freezer battery replacement is fairly easy to complete once you know where the compartment is and how often to change it to keep it in good working order.

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What the Battery Does

The tiny battery in a hulking chest or upright freezer does quite a lot. Installing the battery, which often does not come installed with the freezer, or replacing it regularly can ensure the hardworking appliance doesn't suffer from surprise surges or dips in the electrical supply.


The battery in a chest freezer protects the appliance from surprise surges in electricity and also extends its working life. According to Freezer Concepts, the power supply that leads to the freezer can suffer changes, which can damage the electrical wiring and possibly the function of the control panel.

The battery, typically a 9-volt battery that is stored in a small compartment on the outside of the appliance, protects the freezer from quick spikes in voltage that can occur and are fairly common. A massive increase in power, or surge, can cause the breaker to trip and stop the flow of electricity to the appliance. Brownouts can cause the appliance to lose power for a short amount of time.


How to Change the Battery

The battery compartment is usually located at the base of the chest or upright freezer. According to the Kenmore instructions on Manuals Library, the battery doesn't usually come with the freezer. You'll need to purchase the 9-volt battery separately and install it correctly to protect the appliance.


Some models, such as the Kenmore frost-free chest freezer, won't function unless the little battery is neatly tucked into its compartment. Once you have located the battery housing, remove the covers and connect the battery. Neatly tuck the wires into the compartment and behind the battery so that the cover doesn't pinch the battery's power supply.

Check with the user manual if you aren't sure about the Kenmore Elite chest freezer battery replacement procedure.


Kenmore Upright Freezer Error Codes

The Kenmore upright freezer control panel may flash an error code, particularly if the electrical supply has been compromised or the battery needs to be replaced.

An E7 error code means that one of the keys is stuck on the control panel. To check this, unplug the freezer and allow it to sit for one minute. This will reset the electronic control board. This should disappear once the machine is plugged back in and allowed to run through a cycle.


If the Kenmore chest freezer alarm keeps going off, then there may be a lack of power to the supply, according to Sears Parts Direct. If the error code continues to pop up on the control panel or the alarm continues to blare, then the user interface may need to be replaced.




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