How to Change the Battery in a Kenmore Upright Freezer

Kenmore upright freezers that feature an electronic temperature control use a 9-volt battery backup for power outage situations. When the battery is low and requires replacement, a "b"– sometimes mistaken for the number "6" -- appears on the temperature control display, and the unit beeps repeatedly every 5 seconds.

The location of this battery depends entirely on your freezer's model/series. Once you find the battery compartment, replacing the battery is as simple as disconnecting the old battery and then connecting the new one.

Step 1

Touch the "Alarm/Reset" key on the temperature control panel of your Kenmore upright freezer to turn off the beeping.

Step 2

Locate your specific Kenmore upright freezer's back-up battery compartment. Look for a plastic battery compartment cover on the right front side of the front grille or on the freezer's service panel.

Step 3

Remove the battery compartment cover. If you have difficulties removing it, place the tip of a small, flat-head screwdriver, knife or pushpin into the seam between the cover and the compartment and carefully pop the cover off the front of the compartment.

Step 4

Slowly pull the freezer's 9-volt battery out of the compartment. Disconnect it from the terminal connectors. Set the battery aside for disposal.

Step 5

Attach a new 9-volt battery to the connectors. Push the new battery and connectors/wires into the compartment.

Step 6

Push the cover back into its original position. If necessary, touch the "Alarm/Reset" key if the unit starts beeping again.

Irene A. Blake

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