How to Clean the Technivorm

The Technivorm coffeemaker is available for home, office and commercial use. Baristas consider it one of the best machines available. The average coffee drinker may or may not be able to single out what makes the Technivorm so good, other than the fact it produces good coffee and espresso. Still, a machine so highly valued must be maintained. Fortunately, cleaning the machine is as easy as using it to make coffee.

Step 1

Descale the coffeemaker. The amount and frequency of descaling depends on the hardness of water and the frequency of use.

Step 2

Check the vertical transparent spyglass in the center of the reservoir. If this appears cloudy, you should descale the machine. The red scale indicator beside the hot switch will also light up when descaling is required.

Step 3

Fill the reservoir with one liter of cold vinegar.

Step 4

Place the empty filter holder on its bracket. Place the empty jug on the hot plate.

Step 5

Turn the machine on. The coffeemaker automatically determines the speed at which to descale itself.

Step 6

Use the machine two more times with one liter of cold water after the descaling process. This is to remove any residue of vinegar, which could affect the taste of the coffee.

Step 7

If the red scale indicator light is still lit after descaling, repeat the process. However, do not use the vinegar, or any other descaling agent more than once.

Ty Wright

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