Rowenta Garment Steamer Instructions

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Rowenta garment steamers are portable devices that convert water into steam to help you remove wrinkles from your clothes. The steamers are simple to operate and provide an alternative to ironing if your garments are made from delicate fabrics, or if you do not have room for an ironing board. The steamers are designed to use regular tap water, but bottled water can be used if your water is very hard.

Step 1

Pour up to 33 oz. of room-temperature water into the fill inlet on the front of the steamer. Do not fill past the fill line.

Step 2

Place the door hook over the top of a door. Plug in the steamer and face the unit away from the door. Hang the steamer head on the door hook.

Step 3

Turn the garment steamer on by pressing the power button on the front of the unit, then wait for steam to come out of the steam head. This may take up to two-and-a-half minutes.

Step 4

Take the steam head off of the door hook and hang your clothing item on the door hook. Hold the steam head in one hand and press it lightly onto the top of the garment.

Step 5

Move the steam head down and up over the garment, while moving across with each pass. Turn the garment around and repeat the passes over the back of the garment.

Step 6

Remove the garment from the door hook and replace the steam head. Turn the unit off and allow it to cool completely before putting it away.


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