How to Fix an Overheating KitchenAid Mixer

The KitchenAid stand mixer is attractive to home cooks because of its reputation for being a heavy-duty workhorse in the kitchen. Its motor provides power to knead dough, grind meat and extrude pasta. Despite these attractive advantages, there's a limit to what the KitchenAid stand mixer can do. It overheats at times, and unless this problem is addressed immediately, the motor is likely to burn out.

Step 1

Reduce the speed at which you're mixing the ingredients if the motor begins to overheat and struggles to do its job. A lower speed reduces the force exerted on the motor.

Step 2

Reduce the mixing time to prevent overheating. Some mixtures are fine when beaten for a shorter period of time.

Step 3

Allow the mixer to rest between uses. Sometimes, overheating happens when the mixer is used repeatedly in the same cooking session. Give the motor a rest between uses.

Step 4

Keep the unit clean. Wipe up spilled or spattered food immediately.

Step 5

Take your KitchenAid mixer to a professional small appliance repairman if it's overheating and the preventive measures don't help. Let the pro clean the inside and oil where necessary. Ask if there is anything broken or malfunctioning. Don't attempt to open your machine yourself.