Operating Instructions for the Coleman Powermate 5000-Watt

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The Powermate 5000-watt home generator features a 6-gallon fuel tank and can operate as long as 10 hours at half its load capacity. The generator has four 120-volt outlets and one 120/240 outlet. It is easy to operate and maintain. If you live in an area that has frequent power outages, a backup generator can help to power essential items in your home until power is restored.

Step 1

Ground the generator. Wrap the end of a length of heavy gauge (12 AWG) copper wire around the grounding terminal on the side of the generator. Wrap the other end of the wire around a copper rod you have hammered into the ground. Your local hardware or home improvement store will have the wire and the copper rod. Check with a local electrician to see if there are any additional grounding regulations in your area.


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Step 2

Fill the oil compartment. Your new generator does not contain oil or gasoline for shipping purposes. If your generator has a dipstick, fill the compartment to the level indicated by the dipstick. If your generator does not have a dipstick, fill the compartment to the top. Your generator has a low oil sensor that will both sound an alarm and stop the generator if there is not enough oil in the oil compartment. If your generator turns off but you are certain it contains the correct amount of oil, check to see that the generator is level.


Step 3

Fill the fuel tank with unleaded 85 octane gasoline. Add fuel stabilizer as well to reduce engine deposits.

Step 4

Examine the generator to make sure it does not have any loose parts before you start it. Also double check the oil and gasoline levels.

Step 5

Unplug all electrical items from the generator before you start it.


Step 6

Open the gas shut-off valve and adjust the choke if needed, then turn the engine switch to "On."

Step 7

Pull the starter rope just as you would when starting a lawnmower. Use a steady, rapid pull. Adjust the choke as the engine warms up.

Step 8

Let the generator run at least five minutes before you plug any electrical items into it. Check oil and fuel levels periodically as the generator runs.



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