How to Fix a KitchenAid Oven that Turns Off on Its Own

People are attracted to KitchenAid ovens because these appliances feature a number of settings that can make your cooking experience easier. However, these features can also prove confusing. This is particularly true of the oven's Sabbath mode. When your oven cooks in Sabbath mode, the whole appliance turns off when the timer reaches "00:00," an action that does not occur when the oven is cooking in the normal mode. To prevent your oven from turning off on its own once the timer is done, you must disable the Sabbath mode. The oven works similarly when engaged in the "Timed Cook" and "Delay Start" modes.

Sabbath Mode

Step 1

Open the oven door.

Step 2

Press "Cancel/Off."

Step 3

Press the "7," "8," "9" and "6" number pads in this order.

Step 4

Press the "Cancel/Off" button. "SAb OFF" will appear on the display.

Step 5

Press "Cancel/Off" to clear the display and close the oven door. The oven no longer will turn off on its own.

Avoid Timed Cook and Delay Modes

Step 6

Place the food to be cooked into the oven.

Step 7

Do not press the "Cook Time" button. Pressing this button will require you to enter a cook time into the appliance. When this cook time is reached, the oven will turn off automatically.

Step 8

Do not press "Delay," as setting the delay mode requires you to enter a cook time as well.

Step 9

Press "Bake," and then "Start." Pressing these buttons while avoiding pressing the "Delay" and "Cook Time" buttons allows the oven to cook for as long as needed without turning off on its own.