How to Troubleshoot a Wedgewood RV Oven

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You might need help to fix your Wedgewood RV oven.
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Most RVs are equipped with an oven and cooking range for travelers to create delectable dishes no matter where they may land. When the oven fails to fire up, it can be truly frustrating, particularly if you are far from known repair services or home. Doing a diagnostic on the RV oven can get it back to good working order without a trip to the nearest RV retailer.


How the RV Oven Works

The Wedgewood Vision oven is large, versatile and worth the extra expense, according to RV Share. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors with a Piezo ignition. The sealed burners make for easier cleanup. The linear burner valves are easily adjusted and feature a wide range of flame settings.


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The thermostat sends a signal to the safety valve component. The safety valve lets the gas flow freely to the oven burner. The RV Wedgewood oven needs the correct amount of steady propane delivered at the correct pressure. This is determined by the pressure regulator, which is located at the propane container.

Wedgewood RV Oven Troubleshooting

If the RV pilot light is on but won't heat, it could be a problem with the safety valve. A pilot flame that doesn't get larger when the thermostat signals for heat could be due to a problem with the thermostat.


When the Wedgewood Vision RV oven pilot light is on, but no heat is emitting from the oven, then check the safety valve. If the pilot flame gets larger while the main oven burner remains cold, then it more than likely is the safety valve rather than the thermostat.

The valve next to the oven's pilot light assembly is called the thermocouple. The thermocouple can get jiggled during transit, knocked about in a small kitchen or caked with dirt and grime. Check the fitting and make sure it is secure and doesn't give when wiggled and keep it clean with a light scouring with emery paper, according to Trailer Life.


Areas Around the RV Oven

The small space in an RVs kitchen or galley can create pileups of often-used items. If the ventilation at the top of the oven is blocked during cooking, then it can cause problems with how the appliance functions. Blocked ventilation can result in foods cooking unevenly in the oven or the pilot light blowing out.


Cleaning the Wedgewood Oven Door

The Wedgewood Vision oven door needs regular cleaning, particularly if it gets a lot of action or needs a deep cleanse after a saucy spill. Keeping the appliance clean will cut down on difficulties with the many parts. Thoroughly clean the Wedgewood Vision oven door carefully and with gentle cleansers. Turn the gas off to the stove when cleaning the doors, burners and grates.


Open the door to its full position and check the hinges for grease buildup or latches that are out of place. Clean the hinges thoroughly with warm, sudsy water and use a toothbrush to get into the nooks and crannies of the gasket and windowpanes. Tighten the screws, clean out the latches and test the door to make sure that it closes properly and has a tight seal.

Clean the burners with a toothbrush or cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will evaporate and remove grease and buildup quickly.



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