How to Troubleshoot a Wedgewood RV Oven

Recreational vehicles (RVs) such as camper trailers and "fifth-wheels" provide travelers who have a desire to explore the country with some of the creature comforts they have become accustomed to at home. Many RVs, for instance, are equipped with cooking ranges and other kitchen appliances. Atwood Mobile manufacturers Wedgewood RV oven models, which operate on LP gas. Troubleshooting problems with the oven yourself can save you a call to your RV retailer or Atwood Mobile for servicing.

Step 1

Check to see whether you have been blocking the ventilation at the top of the oven while cooking, which causes foods to burn on bottom or cook unevenly, or even puts the pilot light out. If the ventilation has not been blocked, the thermostat is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Step 2

Check the thermocouple, a valve next to the oven's pilot light assembly, for a secure fit. If it wiggles, adjust it to secure it.

Step 3

Inspect the oven burner's opening for any blockage. With the gas turned off, use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean any grease or debris from the opening. Turn the gas back on, light the oven pilot light and turn on the oven to check if the burner is working properly.

Step 4

Examine the oven burner flame. If it is too low, check the gas line for a leak and call a LP gas technician to check the integrity of the gas regulator. If it is too high, call the LP gas technician to check the gas regulator.

Daniel Holzer

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