A sitz bath, a plastic or porcelain container for holding warm water or a solution, helps ease hemorrhoid, vaginal, bladder and other infections. The container is similar to a baby bathtub, holds about a gallon of water or solution and needs cleaning after each use. Sitz baths are available at pharmacies, medical supply and retail superstores as well as online. After cleaning the container, it is important to rinse and dry it thoroughly before storing.

Step 1

Pour out any water or solution from the sitz bath into a sink or tub. Rinse the container, both inside and out, with hot water.

Step 2

Pour 2 tbsp. of chlorine bleach cleanser into the sitz bath. Fill the container with 1/2 gal. of hot water.

Step 3

Scrub the container thoroughly with a soft cloth or sponge—both inside and out. Rinse the sitz bath with hot water then dry it with a large towel.