Why Is My NuWave Oven Not Heating?

The NuWave oven is a miniature cooking appliance that thoroughly cooks a variety of food while retaining moisture and eliminating unhealthy fats. The NuWave appliance uses a rack to allow fat to drip off meats in order to improve food quality without sacrificing taste, and connects to a standard electric outlet. Connection issues with your small appliance may be because of a power failure or incorrect temperature settings, which affects performance and inhibits cooking until the issue is corrected.

Power Failure

A tripped circuit breaker or defective fuse in your home requires a circuit breaker reset or fuse replacement to restore power. The NuWave oven does not require a high amount of energy, but may cause a power outage when plugged into an outlet with other energy-draining appliances. Microwaves, irons or large appliances should be disconnected or switched to an alternate power outlet when using the NuWave oven to reduce power issues.

Improper Temperature Configuration

The digital pad on the front of the NuWave oven may have been incorrectly configured for the proper cooking level, which affects the oven's performance until it is manually adjusted. The current power level can be checked by pressing "Power Level" on the front of the display panel to determine the current setting, and can be reset by pushing "0" on the display panel to increase the power to the highest cooking level. Once set, the oven displays the remaining cooking time to indicate the oven is working properly.

Defective Outlet

Testing the power outlet to which the oven is connected helps determine whether the cooking issue is because of the outlet or the oven. Remove the NuWave's power cord from the electric outlet and insert a different appliance into the electric outlet. If the second appliance correctly powers on, the problem is a defective oven and requires replacing the oven.


Do not attempt to repair a NuWave oven yourself, as the oven's parts are not meant to be removed or adjusted. Contacting the NuWave customer service line allows you to speak to a representative who will assist you in returning the defective appliance and receiving a new replacement. The NuWave customer service line is 1-888-689-2831, and a representative may be contacted online at customerservice@hearthware.com.