How to Troubleshoot an Oven Light Blinking on a Thermador Gas Range

The Thermador gas range features a preheating and oven light to indicate the status of your baking, and it flashes when the baking process changes to the extended baking phase. A reset of your Thermador range is necessary if the light continues to blink after you have finished baking, as there may be a problem with the range's control sensors. Basic troubleshooting and a reset of the appliance can stop the lights from blinking and resolve common oven problems. Contact the Thermador customer support line if your range persistently blinks, as the range's main control board must be replaced to restore use of the appliance and prevent further problems.

Step 1

Push the temperature selector knob in and turn it counterclockwise to switch the oven to the "Off" position.

Step 2

Twist the baking option knob to the left to point the indicator line on the knob to "Off."

Step 3

Place oven mitts on your hands to protect them, and pull down the oven's door to access the food in the oven. Slide the oven rack out and carefully lift the food dish out of the oven. Place the food on top of the range's grate and close the oven door.

Step 4

Unplug the oven's power cord from the electrical outlet and wait at least one minute before plugging it in again. This is called power cycling, and it eliminates problems that occur with a persistent blinking light after baking by resetting the oven's controls.