Brinkman Electric Smoker Instructions

The Brinkmann Electric Smoker is a smoker and grill released by The Brinkmann Group in 1994. While many smokers use propane to heat the wood chips that produce the smoke, the Brinkmann Electric Smoker uses a heating element powered by electricity. This, in the long run, should save users money on the price of propane, especially considering the long amount of time it generally takes to cook on a smoker.

Smoking Set Up

Before smoking with the Brinkmann Electric Smoker, set up your cooker for the best results. Lift the lid off of the body of the smoker, and then remove the body from the base pan. Position the flavoring wood around the heating element and on top of the lava rocks. Do not place any of the flavor wood on the heating element as it could cause a flare-up and ruin the heating element. You do not need to use a lot of flavoring wood to achieve the best results; four chunks of wood is often adequate, though you may want to experiment.

Take the empty water pan and place it inside the body of the smoker on the bottom brackets. Place the body back on the base pan and check that the water pan is still secure on the brackets. Pour warm water or marinade into the water pan up to about 1 inch from the top.


Once set up, place one of the grills on the brackets just above the water pan. This is where the first layer of food will sit. Place the food on the grill, keeping space between each piece. Do not overfill the grill. Putting too much food on the grill will keep the smoke and heat from evenly cooking the food.

The second grill should be placed on the brackets near the top of the body. Place food on the second grill and cover the body with the lid. Plug the power cord into a working electrical outlet.

The smoker will cook the food over a long period of time. Check the water level every two hours and add water if needed. Before taking food off of the grills, check that it is fully cooked by using a meat thermometer.


The Brinkmann Electric Smoker can also be used as a grill. When used as a grill, the heating element and lava rocks cook the food. To grill, take the lid and body off of the base pan and place a cooking grill on the brackets of the base pan. Place your food on the grill and cover it with the lid. Plug the smoker into an electrical outlet to start grilling.