How to Drain the Water Out of a Deep Freezer

A deep freezer is a chest freezer with a lid on top, not a front-loading freezer. Deep freezers achieve lower temperatures than front-loading freezers and can store food for longer periods. However, deep freezers produce frost just like an upright freezer. When you defrost the freezer, you must open the drain located on the bottom of the freezer and drain the water out.

Step 1

Open the freezer and remove all of the items from inside the freezer. If possible, complete defrosting during the winter so you can place the frozen items outside in the cold. Otherwise, take the frozen items to a different freezer.

Step 2

Locate the drain plug by looking around the bottom rim inside the deep freezer. This is the quickest and easiest way to locate the drain plug.

Step 3

Thread the garden hose onto the threaded insert located on the plug. This portion of the plug protrudes to the outside of the freezer.

Step 4

Pull the plug open from inside the freezer and allow the water to drain out. If necessary, prop up the opposite corner with a board. The thickness of the board does not matter; you simply need to create a downward slope towards the drain.

Step 5

Sop up any remaining water with a clean bath towel.