How to Set a Ranco Thermostat

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The Ranco ETC line of thermostats is designed for commercial use. The thermostats control heating and cooling elements for a variety of applications, including HVAC and refrigeration units. Setting and programming your Ranco thermostat is a fairly straightforward process. The steps below address the ETC-112000 mode, the newest in the Ranco ETC product line. These instructions will also work for any thermostat in the Ranco ETC family line.


Step 1

Locate the LCD window and the keypad on your Ranco ETC thermostat. The LCD window can be found in the center of the thermostat itself; it will be blank unless the unit is turned on. The keypad -- which includes three keys (set, up and down) -- is located directly underneath the LCD window.

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Step 2

Press the "Set" key on the keypad to begin programming the thermostat. Once you press the key, you will see either an "F" or a "C" in the display window. These letters indicate whether the thermostat is operating in Fahrenheit ("F") or Celsius ("C") mode. To change the temperature mode, press the up or down key until you reach the desired mode.


Step 3

Press the "Set" key a second time to access the set-point menu. You will know you have accessed the correct menu when you see "S1" blinking on the display. Press the "Up" button (it will look like an arrow pointing upward, rather than the word) on the keypad to increase the set-point temperature. Press the "Down" button (again, it will appear as an arrow pointing downward, rather than the word) on the keypad to decrease the set-point temperature.


Step 4

Press the "Set" key a third time to access the thermostat's differential menu. Again, you'll know you've reached the correct menu when you see "DIF 1" blinking in the LCD. Press the "Up" or "Down" buttons on the keypad to increase or decrease the temperature differential. The differential represents the temperature range in which the thermostat will operate in the heating or cooling mode. For the heating mode, the differential temperature will be lower than the setpoint temperature; in the cooling mode, the differential temperature is higher than the setpoint.


Step 5

Press the "Set" key a fourth time to access the heating/cooling menu. You will know that you have reached the correct menu when you see either "C1" (for cooling) or "H1" (for heating) blinking in the display window. If the heating/cooling menu is already programmed to the desired setting, press the "Set" key one last time to finish setting up your thermostat. Otherwise, press the "Up" or "Down" key once to change the setting. Then press "Set" to lock in all of your programming choices.



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