The Mini Maglite is an adjustable light beam flashlight with an aluminum housing and an extra light bulb in the base. The Mini's light beam can be adjusted from spotlight to floodlight, and with a small adjustment can be made into a candle light. It only takes a few minutes to set up the Mini Maglite, after which it is ready for use.

Inserting Batteries and Regular Operation

The Mini Maglite requires twp AAA batteries for proper operation. The batteries are inserted in the base tubing. To insert the batteries, twist the tail cap until it is removed from the base. Slide the batteries into the tube with the positive ends facing the bulb of the flashlight. Once inserted, twist the tail cap back onto the body until it is secure.

The flashlight does not switch on and off with a button. To turn the Mini on, twist the head of the flashlight. When first switched on, the Mini has a flood beam, meaning the light is spread out over a large area. Continue to twist the head to adjust the beam of light. When twisted fully, the light is a tight spotlight.

When finished using the Mini, twist the head of the flashlight fully back until the light goes out.

Candle Mode

In addition to the flood and spotlight beams, the Mini can act as a candle. In candle mode, the light is not directed at a single point, but rather provides 360-degree illumination. To place the Mini in candle mode, twist the head of the flashlight until it is at full spotlight. You will notice there is resistance when you try to turn it further. Using a little extra pressure, twist the head past the resistance point to remove it from the base. Once separated, place the head of the flashlight face down on a flat surface. The head will now act as a stand for the base of the flashlight. Insert the back end of the flashlight into the head.

To turn off the light, take the base of the flashlight out of the head and twist the head back onto the base over the light bulb. Continue to twist the head until the light is off.

Changing the Bulb

When the bulb dies on the Mini, remove the batteries from the base of the flashlight and leave the tail cap off. Remove the head of the flashlight to expose the bulb. Gently pull the bulb from the base of the Mini and discard. Pull the spare bulb out of the tail cap and insert it into the socket of the base. Reattach the head of the flashlight, reinsert the battery and place the tail cap back on the base.