Softub Troubleshooting

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Softubs are portable hot tubs designed for rest and relaxation. While using a Softub, some problems may arise including the main control panel not working and water leaks. You may need to have your Softub professionally repaired, but there are things you can try before taking that step.

Step 1

If there are no lights on the Softub's control panel, check the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) socket that the Softub is plugged into. The socket should have three prongs and two buttons on it. Press both the top button (the "reset" button) and the bottom button (the "test" button). Check the control panel again to see if the lights are working properly.


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Step 2

Push the reset button on the Softub's main control panel if the power light is blinking. If the power light continues to blink, unplug the Softub and plug it back in. If the power light still blinks, you need the control panel professionally repaired.

Step 3

Check the connecting blue hoses and the red hoses on the Softub's motor if there is leakage from the Hydromate. If you notice leaking from these hoses, tighten the hose clamps. If this does not stop the leaking, you need to purchase replacement hose clamps.


Step 4

Check the pump for corrosion if leaks continue after you fix the hose clamps. If you see any corrosion, the pump must either be professionally repaired or replaced.



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