How to Open the Top of an Electric Range

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When cleaning under an open coil cook top or replacing sealed burners, it is necessary to raise the top. There is no one way to open the top of an electric range due to the thousands of models on the market today. However, most electric ranges open from the front and raise like a car hood. It is a matter of finding any screws or clips securing the top of the electric range. The screws are visible if your electric range uses fasteners to hold the top in position.


Step 1

Disconnect the power from the electric range before attempting to open the top. Remove the drawer in the bottom of the range, and reach inside the drawer cavity to unplug the power cord.

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Step 2

Open the oven door so that you have full access to the front lip of the top panel. Place your fingers under each front corner of the top panel and lift up on the top. Many open coil electric ranges do not use any fasteners and the top will raise.


Step 3

Look for two or three Phillips-head screws on the bottom lip of the top panel if your panel did not simply raise or you have a sealed burner range. Remove the screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Grasp the front lip of the top panel and raise it up until the lock rod engages.

Step 4

Insert a putty knife between the front control console and the bottom of the top panel if your controls are on the front of the range. Feel for a retaining clip and slide the putty knife blade over the clip. Lift up on the top panel while sliding the putty knife over the clip.



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