How to Place Racks in an Oven

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Most modern ovens have raised racks and safety notches inside. These prevent the oven rack from sliding out. In addition to the safety notches, most ovens have multiple rack settings, although most of the settings go unused. Read on to learn how to safely and properly insert your oven racks.

Step 1

Make sure the oven is turned off and cooled down. If it's not, you'll need to wear oven mitts or wait until it is cooled down.


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Step 2

Determine which level you want the rack on. Most ovens have four or five settings. It's typical to place one oven rack one notch above the center, and the other oven rack one notch below the center.

Step 3

Hold the rack firmly, with one hand on each side. Make sure the raised edge of the rack is facing the oven. Insert the rack into the desired notch at a 45 degree angle, and push it in, until the raised edge passes the safety notch.

Step 4

Lower the oven rack to a level position, and continue pushing it toward the rear of the oven, until it is in place.



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