How to Reset a Homedics Body Fat Scale

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Body-fat percentage is the percentage of your body mass that is made up of fat. Knowing your body-fat percentage is important because having an unhealthy body-fat percentage may make you more susceptible to high blood pressure and disease. Homedic body-fat scales calculate your body-fat percentage by sending a signal through your body and measuring it according to the information about your gender, age and height that you enter into the scale. You can reset the saved information in the scale if something needs to be changed. Keeping the saved information up to date will increase the accuracy of your body fat-percentage readout.

Step 1

Hold the "On" button until the LCD screen turns on. This will take approximately 2 seconds. The information on the LCD screen is for the first memory setting.

Step 2

Press the up or down arrow buttons to choose the memory slot you want to clear. The number in the bottom right corner of the LCD screen indicates which memory slot is available. There are up to 10 slots available for storage, numbered 0-9.

Step 3

Push and hold the up and down arrow button simultaneously to clear all of the information from the memory slot you chose. This resets the memory slot.

Step 4

Repeat Steps 1-3 to delete any additional memory slots on the scale.


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