A 1000 watt generator is relatively small, considering that it will only run ten 100 watt light bulbs. A normal house uses at least 7000 watts. Still a 1000 watt generator has several uses to run low power appliances.

Emergency Power

Although ten 100 watt light bulbs is not a tremendous amount of light, it may be sufficient to keep the house lit during a storm with a power outage. Or instead it could also be used to power a small refrigerator and one or two lights.

Entertainment equipment

A 1000 watt generator could run an entertainment system to provide music for dancing at a small outdoor party. But it would not be sufficient for a band with large speakers, instruments and amplifiers.

Camping Trips

1000 watts would be sufficient for a combination of small electrical appliances like radio, TV, satellite receiver and even a few lights on a camping trip.

Power Tools

A 1000 watt generator could power an electric drill or a small saw easily, either on a construction site or for a back yard, farm or golf course project.


Computers are low power and you could easily run two or three on a 1000 watt generator, along with a printer and a modem.

Check the Equipment

Most electrical equipment will have a tag that shows how many watts it needs. You can run anything that is under 1000 watts. Remember that watts equals volts multiplied by amps.