How to Use the Timer on a DeLonghi Magnum Heater

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The DeLonghi Magnum Heater is a portable heater designed for home use. The unit's portability makes it a convenient way to save on fuel costs, allowing you to heat only one room at a time rather than your entire house. A timer is built into the heater, making it possible to leave the unit off when it is not in use and have it turn itself on automatically when needed. This allows you to keep the heater off during the day while at work, for example, and have it turn on and heat the room automatically before you get home.


Step 1

Plug the heater into a working electrical outlet.

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Step 2

Turn the dial to the right to set the current time. The dial uses a 24-hour clock set up in 15-minute increments, so set the clock to the closest 15-minute increment. For example, if the time is 10:55 p.m., set the dial to "23," as the closest 15-minute time increment is 11:00 p.m.


Step 3

Press the tabs inward for the time you want the heater to run. For example, press in all 20 tabs from "24" to "5" if you want the heater to run from 12:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. When the timer gets to "24," the heater will turn on and remain on until the timer gets to "5."

Step 4

Set any additional on and off times by pressing in other tabs corresponding to the time in the day. Press all 96 tabs in if you want the heater to run nonstop.

Step 5

Pull out any of the tabs pressed in to remove any timer settings.



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