Smoke Coming From Convection Oven With First Time Use

A convection oven may emit smoke with first time use under normal operating conditions. Preparing the oven properly for the first time ensures the smoking is part of a normal process. Not preparing the oven correctly may mean the smoke is caused from incorrect usage and it may pose a fire hazard. After first time use, the oven should not smoke unless it's not properly maintained.

Why It Happens

A convection oven comes from the manufacturer with oils and other chemicals used during the manufacturing process on its interior and exterior. Upon the first use, the oven may smoke and emit a burning odor. The oven is burning off the excess chemicals and oils in the heating elements. After the first use, the appliance should no longer produce smoke during normal use.

Before First Use

Remove all packing materials from inside and outside of the oven. Wash any removable interior parts in water. Dry them thoroughly. Replace them in the oven. Set the oven on its highest temperature, or at least 475 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat the empty oven for about five to six minutes, or until the oven stops smoking. The oven should cease smoking once all traces of oils or other manufacturing chemicals are burned off.

Other Smoke Causes

Not removing packaging material from the oven may cause it to smoke, or result in a fire. Upon subsequent use, smoke is produced if the appliance is not kept clean. Grease and oil buildup inside the oven may burn off when it is operated. Clean the interior after each use with a damp cloth. Using a convection oven with a filter prevents oil splatter and smoking from oil burn-off. Grease and oil catch in the filter instead of splattering on the oven interior when it hits the fan.


Do not operate the oven if its parts, particularly its cord, are damaged. Using attachments or accessories not provided by the manufacturer may result in a fire or electrical shock. Do not cover the oven while it's turned on. Do not place the oven near flammable materials including walls and curtains. Plug the oven into an electrical outlet separate from other appliances; using multiple appliances on one outlet may result in fire or the oven may not operate correctly.