How to Clean Dust Inside an LCD TV Screen

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Just as it can with a computer, dust can easily build up on the inside of your LCD television set. The air vents on the back of the television for ventilation and cooling purposes provide an avenue for dust to get into the set while it is off. An excess of dust could cause the TV to overheat, which could potentially damage it permanently. You can clean out the dust on the inside of your LCD TV with a can of compressed air.


Step 1

Turn off your LCD television set and unplug it from the wall. You never want to clean out the inside of your TV while the unit is powered up. Just to be safe, unplug its power cable from a wall outlet to discharge any additional electricity.

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Step 2

Attach the included nozzle to the front of your can of compressed air. Typically, this long plastic nozzle comes taped to the side of the can.


Step 3

Turn your television around so that you can see the air vents. Spray the can of compressed air over top of the air vents. Do not push the nozzle down inside the vents, as the flow of air could damage the components on the inside of the TV if the nozzle gets too close. Continue to spray the air vents on your television until all the dust has blown out of the inside of the TV.



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