My Paslode Battery Is Not Charging

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A Paslode Cordless Angled Finish Nailer battery usually stops charging if the charger is experiencing technical difficulty or if the battery is faulty or dead. The battery, which controls the tool's nail cycle rate and continuous operation, must be charged in order maximize the nailer's performance. If your Paslode battery isn't charging, the manufacturer provides a few solutions and recommendations.



The charger includes an indicator light that tells you whether the battery is charging or not. When you connect the charger to an AC outlet, the power light indicates that the device is on. When you mount the battery on the charger, the red light turns on, indicating the battery is charging. If the power or charger light doesn't come on, the charger is most likely faulty. To verify whether the issue is with the charger or the outlet, connect the device to a different outlet. If the problem persists, the charger is faulty and should be replaced.


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In some cases, the Paslode's battery won't charge if the battery itself is damaged or has maximized its cycle life. If the battery is damaged, the red indicator light on charger does not flash when you try to charge the battery. If the battery isn't accepting a charge when you mount it on the charger, you must replace it. A new battery doesn't come fully charged, so charge it before inserting it into the Paslode.



If the metal contacts on the battery or charger look dirty, oily or corroded, cleaning them with a soft cloth can improve the connection. Dirty terminals can cause short circuits that prevent charging. Cleaning them with a soft cloth improves the connection without damaging the battery or the charger. Don't spray liquid or aerosols on the battery contacts or you'll damage the battery.



If the battery charger gets hot or makes unusually loud noises, unplug it from the AC outlet immediately. If the charger displays these unusual symptoms, it usually starts smoking. In such a case, the internal circuitry is most likely damaged, so you must replace the charger. Exposing the battery to excessively high temperatures of 120 degrees Fahrenheit and above can cause the battery to burst.