Founded in 1920, Schlage is a lock manufacturer that specializes in producing high-quality, heavy-duty locks for residential use. Schlage offers a line of electronic keypad locks that require you to enter a four-digit user code when locking or unlocking the door. Knowing how to reset your Schlage keypad and change the programming and user codes can come in handy. Resetting a Schlage keypad is a simple process that can be completed in just minutes.

Reset to Factory Settings

Schlage keypads come with a factory-programmed, six-digit programming code and two four-digit user codes. These codes are used to operate the keypad, though most users prefer to use their own programming and user codes. However, if you need to reset the keypad to factory settings, just remove the keypad battery and press the "Schlage" button. Replace the battery and hold down the "Schlage" button until it flashes green.

Reset Programming Code

The programming code is entered whenever you want to delete, change or add a keypad user code. If you don't want to use the factory-programmed programming code, program a custom code for the Schlage keypad in less than a minute. Enter the factory-programmed programming code and press the "Schlage" button. Press "3" and enter the new six-digit programming code twice. The "Schlage" button will flash green to indicate that the programming code was reset successfully.

Delete Unwanted User Code

User codes are four-digit codes that are entered whenever you want to lock or unlock the Schlage keypad. If a particular user code is no longer needed, delete it from the keypad memory to make room for a new code. Enter your six-digit programming code and press the "Schlage" button. Press "2" and enter the unwanted four-digit user code twice. The "Schlage" button will flash green when the unwanted user code has been deleted successfully.

Reset or Add User Code

The keypad memory can store up to 19 user codes. To reset a user code or to add a new one, enter your six-digit user code and press the "Schlage" button. Press "1" and enter the new four-digit user code twice. Wait for the "Schlage" button to flash green to ensure that the new code is successfully added.